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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A Message for My Stalker.....Jenna Smith (aka Jodi)

Well, Jenna Smith (I mean Jodi...wink...wink). You have been blocked from this FB page because I've found your negativity and abusive behavior intolerable. Such a deceitful bully and liar you are pretending to be someone else. Once again, doesn't surprise me though. Shame on you for being you! If your paranoid hysteria drives you to the need to arm yourself with six guns to feel safe....I pity you in your delusions. Maybe you should circle the wagons on your dinky lot down there in good ole "dust bowl" Guymon, Oklahoma and call in the posse to help. I'm sure some of the officers at the police station would be willing to lend a hand. BTW, they've been well informed by us of you and your crazy antics. Any time Ron's children Shelby and Ronald want to talk...all they need do is call. Jodi, however is not welcome to communicate with either of us because she is incapable of behaving as a mature responsible adult. Their mother's insanity is of her own making along with the animosity she chooses to perpetuate over the past 19 years rather then reconciling differences, letting go and moving on with life in a positive and loving manner. We (Ron and I) hold nothing against them. They can't help it if their mother is "beyond the bend" in her mental illness, as the saying goes. :-)

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Delusional Disorder

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