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Friday, July 14, 2017

Narcissistic Personality Disorder vs. Normal Narcissism

Narcissistic Personality Disorder vs. Normal Narcissism: In Greek mythology, Narcissus was a proud young man who fell in love with his own reflection in a pool of water. He was so enchanted by his image that he couldn’t leave it, so he starved to death. Now, if he had just looked into the pool (as many of us do when we check the mirror as we go out the door in the morning), said to himself something like, “Lookin’ good, dude” and moved on, he would have been okay. That quick check in the mirror is normal, healthy narcissism. Feeling good about oneself, talking about it, even bragging now and then, isn’t pathological. Indeed, it is essential to a positive self-esteem. As comedian Will Rogers once said, “It ain’t bragging if it’s true.” But there are those, like Narcissus, who need to see themselves as especially attractive, interesting and accomplished most of the time -- whether they deserve it or not. They have Narcissistic Personality Disorder. According to the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), this is only 6.2 percent of the U.S.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Psychopathic Obsessed Alienator, Child Abductor and Child Abuser--Jodi Rae Ross Griffing

Jodi Rae Ross/Griffing
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"Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive!"   Sir Walter Scott

In Debt ,  Again and Again

From my understanding of Parental Alienation, the most complex and harmful alienator is the "obsessed alienator". This is the severest, a stage 3 alienator, who will stop at nothing to denigrate and alienate a child from the "targeted parent". From my perspective this form of alienation is "The Ultimate Hate Crime" and is "Child Abuse". This is why I have chosen to write the blogs and make the videos I have on the topic as an advocate for victim's of this kind of abuse.  It is meant to educate firstly, Ron's children, Shelby and Ronald, his grandchildren and then the public as well.  We both have been stalked and harassed by her because of our willingness to go public and share Ron's side of the story of his children's abduction and their alienation from himself and me.  He has found it necessary to go to court to obtain a restraining order for protection from harassment because she will not leave him alone.  She continues online with her vitriolic websites of slanderous libel and defamation of character of  Ron and myself.  Her "Gaslighting" continues. If my readers choose to believe her erroneous assertions then you do not know us. You are naive and gullible  You have not taken the time to find out the "truth" based on fact, rather then speculation, conjecture and rumor. For she is nothing but an vindictive, evil...liar who lacks credibility, integrity and character.

This is the case with my partner, Ron Cornett's situation and his ex, Jodi Rae Ross/Griffing. Because of her own mental illness she is unable to share her children with their biological father Ron and myself, the step mom, at all, in any way or capacity.  She is not capable of any kind of co-parenting for the benefit of our mutual children and grandchildren.  Which is a sad loss for Shelby, Ronald and our grandchildren Korah, Lucas and Shelby's new baby.  We are their family who love them, Care about them and will always be here for them.  We have offered Jodi  the olive branch of peace, fostering goodwill, compromise, understanding and compassion many times over the years which she has chosen to rebuff.  Instead she chooses to hold on to her animosity with ongoing delusions of negative, hateful, fear mongering rhetoric which she uses to abuse her own children/granchildren and their father/grandfather Ron and myself. This is done to promote her self serving agenda...HERSELF.....without regard to anyone else. That is why she is a "Psychopath". That is what "they"(the Psychopath's) do to pleasure themselves at someone else's expense, even their own children/grandchildren.  In my attempt at reconciliation I made the video Turn, Turn Turn-To Everything There is a Season which has been to no avail.

 Me a "criminal" ??  Oh yeah, right.  Wait for it...wait for it......LOL!!!  Child Stalkers??  Of ones own children/grandchildren??  Really??  In actuality Ron, is "The Left Behind Parent" of a child abduction.  As for me, I think it has been well over 20 years since I got so much as  a "ticket" for anything (speeding).....laughing and shaking head...Oh the insanity :-)  I do have a "lead foot" from time to time.   I have lived in the woods of northern Maine, Virginia and North Carolina. I go into town maybe, twice a week for groceries and to check the mail.  Yeah, I'm a "real" criminal.  On the "run" from the law in Montana?? Talk about "fantasy" and mellow drama. We've owned our home in Maine for 17 years now; both have valid Maine driver's  license.  Owning his own business, Ron gets up every morning and goes to work like every other middle class man his age.  Hmmm...don't you think if we were on the "run" we wouldn't have stayed in one place for so long, freely traveling around the country as we have for years or be so brazen as to be on the internet posting where we live.  Oh, pleeeez......LOL!!  Time to pull out the "Get a Clue Card"....again!! Now as far as being "mentally ill".  Well, WE ALL have "issues"...smile.  Everyone on the planet has something going on; that is part of being human.  Is she trying to embarrass Ron and I with such ludicrous comments and false accusations?  It won't work because they're ridiculous "lies".  It only shows the "world" how "crazy" she is.  Every time I tell a friend about her postings regarding Ron and I, they bust out laughing because of the absurdity of her assertions.  Multiple personality disorder and fake profiles??.....who has the time or the inclination to create such garbage.  Not me. (She has now taken these assertions off of her site too) It all is pathetically sad and shows how desperate she is and that she really is a "delusional"..."psychopath" who is a "taunting bully" to meet her self serving agenda.  To sink to this level of degradation to try to prove her point.  She has included photos of my SCA(a non-profit educational organization) friends, my dead parents(who aren't here to defend themselves or me) and my adult son Tim (who has nothing to do with this situation) too, (some of which she has now taken down from her site as well). Most recently she has included her and Ron's neighbor Jennifer, from 20 years ago when she was an adolescent and her current teenage daughter in her assertions of false allegations.  Even though this woman and mother has told her these false allegations are are not true she insists on pertuating her rancor.  That is how ill she is and to my understanding won't seek treatment. As a mother, myself, it is beyond a rational person's capability to understand and relate to this kind of hateful, negative thinking or behavior. That is why I'm sharing this information. What use to be "Ron's Story" that has now become "My Story" too. This is to help other's educate themselves, who may be in a situation similar to ours about an "obsessed alienator" and how "extreme" they can be to get their way.  If you are in a relationship with someone similar to Jodi and don't want to believe that they would say or do the things they do to yourself, your children and your grandchildren...think again. They will. When you think that the other person wouldn't "really" do that. They will. It will literally "shock" you at how far they will go and what they will say. They are willing to lie to the children, the grandchildren and go into court and perjure themselves, as long as it meets their deluded agenda.  Over the years, she has created outrageous scenarios, lies/delusions which she possibly believes herself to support her need to alienate the children from their biological father and myself. It is news to Ron and I that he is a dangerous man that shouldn't be left alone with children, with a "mountain" of restraining orders against him??  What?? Wait a minute.  Yeah...right...again...just more fabrication. LOL!!!  DELUSIONAL!!  Oh, is that like the "fabricated" no third party contact restraining order made up by Jodi years ago and told to everyone in Ron's family to keep them away from Shelby and Ronald?  The long standing restraining order that NEVER existed?? Just more of the same.  It goes on and on. She has brainwashed the children so extensively they believe these fantastic erronious stories as truth.  Child abuse that never happened. Perpetual restraining orders that never existed.  So sad for them, to believe such falsehoods.  For "none" of her assertions can be proven.   Ron is innocent until proven guilty.  He has never been legally charged with any offense pertaining to Jodi's false allegations.  Waiting, waiting and still waiting for viable proof of a public record to back her "false" assertions, which should be easily found and posted online.  One would think...smile. Eventually, Shelby, Ronald, Korah, Lucas and any other grandchildren will come to understand how they have been used, abused and deceived by their own mother/grandmother, who in actuality is the REAL child abuser.  We will always be here for them, irregardless of their mother/grandmother as they come to know the TRUTH....."The Other Side of the Story".

According to the research I've done on this, the stage 3 "obsessed alienator" is "lost" to any kind of treatment or improvement in their condition. In other words, Jodi is too far gone in her mental illness to be able to regain any balance or sense of "normalcy". She is unable to be rehabilitated. Which I have come to concur, because of my own experience and interaction with an "obsessed alienator" who chooses to hold on to her delusions even when the "reality" of the situation is presented to her. Over the last 2 decades I've found that trying to interact with her on a mature, rational, reasonable, adult level is truly...hopeless and have given up because it is a frustrating waste of my time.  As I remember from my psyche rotation in nursing school.....never argue with a "delusional" patient because it will only frustrate you.  That is why on occasion my sarcasm comes through as well as my coarse sense of humor.   She is quite frankly incapable of any kind of empathy, love, compassion, co-operation or understanding of  Ron and my situation. A Psychopath.  Even prisoners doing time in prison for murder have relationships with their children.  No, not with Jodi, She has to embellish any negative aspect of Ron or myself to such exaggerated extremes that it is downright...ludicrous.  She vacillates from one extreme to the other in relating to Ron.  One moment she refers to him as a "wimp" and the next he is a "violent" alcoholic on drugs.  Hmmm...wait a minute wasn't she the one that had her first two children taken away by the state of Washington because she wasn't a fit mother because of her lifestyle choices and drug abuse??  As a teenager, wasn't she indigent, living with them out of a car?? Wasn't Jodi the one who actually attacked Ron with a kitchen knife and begged him crying and on her knees not to call the police after he was able to take it away from her??  Which he now regrets; not calling the police, having her arrested and pressing charges.  For look at what she has done to him and his family.  So who is the "violent" one Jodi?? Do Donald, Shelby, Ronald and everyone else in your "cult" know what you tried to do to Ron?? More projection, delusions and transference denial...again on her part.  Well everyone knows now.  Frequently, obsessed alienators are Psychopaths with Borderline and Narcissistic Personality Disorders brought on by childhood trauma that just can't be cured. I believe that is also the case with Jodi....because she considers us the "enemy", mixed with quite a bit of paranoia, negativity, fear mongering delusions, tremendous grandiose self importance, entitlement and lack of compassion, empathy or guilt.  I'm assuming the later is because of  her narcissism and that she is a psychopath. The saddest part, not only watching the suffering of the alienated "target parent" grieving over the loss of his children/grandchildren. But, the loss of the children, Shelby and Ronald and grandchildren Korah and Lucas, in knowing the truth about their loving father/grandfather who is a kind and generous man. The loss of their legacy because of a Parentectomy.  Not the monster of Jodi's delusions. The "obsessed alienator", in this case Jodi, has gotten so caught up in the fantasy world of lies she has created for herself to justify the choices she made, she has no insight into the mental and emotional abuse she is harming not only the "targeted parent" with, but also her own affected children/grandchildren.

The person with a borderline personality is often referred to as a "splitter", because that is what they do.  They revel in creating "chaos" and wreaking "havoc" for those around them that they view as the "enemy" and splitting them from their aligned friends and family involving numerous calls to the police with outrageous fabricated scenarios and accusations.  They love the "mellow-drama" they create and the attention they get from the high conflict.  They revel in being "Toxic". You can see how she displays this behavior on her web site.  She wants the "police", an authority figure, to come arrest us and take us away, so she won't have to deal with us and the situation she has created for herself.  Yeah, as if that is going to happen...smile.  As if the police aren't familiar with Ron and I, in Guymon, Oklahoma.  They know who we are.  Sharing and circulating our photos just puts a face to a name.  Both Ron and I have visited and spoken to the Guymon Police Department, spoken to the Oklahoma State Police, the FBI in Oklahoma as well as the NCMEC on numerous occasions because of our concern regarding the welfare of Shelby and Ronald. Here is the link to the letter Ron wrote: Letter to Brad Henry, The Governor of Oklahoma

In fact, there was a CPS visit spring of 2010 to check on Shelby and Ronald's safety.  We found this necessary because we were concerned for their safety and welfare.  It had come to our attention that Jodi had been "stalking" us online for many years by then.  March of 2010 she started making erratic and irrational harassing phone calls to us in the middle of the night. She told Ron that he would never see his children again.  So, we went to the authorities with our concerns for their welfare.   There is quite a bit of "projection" going on here, on her part.  In reality she is the "stalker" and "harasser" accusing us of what she actually is doing herself. That is why I wrote the blog Stalking and False Victimization Syndrome.

The police never called us and told us to stay away from Ron's children, Shelby and Ronald because we were stalking or harassing them.  That is another "fabrication". The only contact we've had with the Guymon police department initiating a call to us is in regards to us putting Shelby and Ronald's pictures on our pages informing us that Jodi requested we take them down and then we visited them the spring of 2014.  The same with attorney, Christopher Liebman, who Ron told off and he has never called us again.  Ron informed the police that they were his children and asked if we were doing anything "illegal".  The officer said no. So Ron told them, they weren't coming down.  So Jodi, if we are doing anything "illegal" go to court and prove Shelby and Ronald are not his children and get a court order to have the pictures taken down.  Till then........bite me.

If Jodi is having "people" monitor our sites. Members of the Cult of Jodi. Good.  Maybe they will learn something about Parental Abduction, Parental Alienation, Malicious Mother Syndrome and what it is like to be a victim of an abusive stalking and harassing "obsessed alienator".  Furthermore, if anyone is "helping" by enabling Jodi in her mental illness, such as Donald,  her sister's and her advocate/attorney Liebman or a public defender; from my perspective you are nothing but a low life ambulance chaser who is filling your own pockets profiting from another person's anguish. You are assisting her by enabling her in the abuse of her own children/grandchildren, their father/grandfather, Ron and me.  Shame on you.  You are just as unscrupulous as Jodi and Donald. A disgrace as an attorney and the bar exam you took.  Just because something can be done legally.......doesn't mean it is the right thing to do.  Once again, shame on you.

Jodi has succeeded in alienating Ron from his children/grandchildren.  We are hopeful that in time, as they mature, they will come to understand this affliction of their mother's and how Donald Wayne Griffing participated as her enabler and accomplice to abduct them. For without Donald, his home and his money the abduction wouldn't have happened.  He was Jodi's "Sugar Daddy".  We're hoping they will come to understand the true nature of their manipulation and why, for his own safety, because of their mother's mental illness, lies, deceitfulness and manipulation, their father/grandfather, Ron, has kept his distance until now.

Here are some links pertaining to the "Obsessed Alienator", "Borderline and Narcissistic Personality Disorders" and "The Psycopath":

Description of the Obsessed Alienator
Am I a Parental Alienator Quiz?
Borderline Personality Disorder
Narcissistic Personality Disorder
The Psychopath

The Muppets Bohemian Rhapsody portrays the "Obsessed Alienator" a Borderline and Narcissistic Personality most eloquently as "Miss Piggy"...you gotta love her;-)  However, I don't believe Miss Piggy is a Psycopath like Jodi is.  Miss Piggy is just very self possessed.

Great example of what it is to be a woman, Mother/Grandmother and a human being??   She is precisely why legislation for Parental Alienation needs to come to pass and be enforced as a crime.  IMO it is a "Hate Crime" and child abuse to do what she has done to Ron and his children.  These alienators need to be prosecuted.  Here is a link for a  Petition2Congress   that I signed and I wrote a letter to my state representatives and President Obama to Stop Parental Alienation as child abuse siting my personal experience as an example.

Here is the link for

Petition to The Senate/Congress of The United States of America to Stop Parental Alienation By Making it A Crime Punishable By Law

I encourage you to sign the petition and add your letter to your state representatives and the President.  I did.  Ron and I have been asked in the past to testify in court proceedings to change laws regarding parental alienation.  If asked to testify before Congress of the United States of America we will.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Sandra Grazzini-Rucki Sentencing with impact statement.

The Sandra Rucki sentencing hearing. The mother who abducted and hid her two daughters for 944 days. The judge addresses the abuse endured by the daughters and family members because of the mother's animous towards their father. These children had 2 1/2 years of their life with their father and siblings stolen because of their mother's animosity. Ron and his two children, Shelby and Ronald have lived 20 years (7,000+ days) without each other because of Jodi's personal demons and enemies created in her own mind thus creating their brain washing and alienation from each other.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Light A Candle for Parental Alienation Awareness Day

On April 25th 

Light a candle for the victims of Parental Alienation/Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) and in support of Parental Alienation Awareness Day (PAAD). Light a candle to symbolize the light at the end of the tunnel, where alienated children and "target" parents may find their way back through the darkness to a healthy and loving relationship that endures.

On April 25th, light a candle, say a prayer or have a moment of silence for the child victims of Parental Al...ienation. If your own children are victims, light a candle for each of them.

Let's work together to fight our way back through the darkness! Our children deserve the love of both of their parents!

Invite all your friends and family to this event. Let's help protect our children from Parental Alienation by promoting awareness and creating an open dialog, locally, nationally and internationally.